A strong media presence is a crucial aspect of reputation building for our University. Through traditional and the ever-expanding suite of new media channels we can tell our story internationally, nationally and locally.

Some stories obviously lend themselves to a big news splash – ground-breaking research, an international award. Others are slow burners that, with a bit of strategic thought and placement, can grab the attention of key audiences.

Is it newsworthy?

The digital environment has changed many of the rules when it comes to news, but there are still some fundamentals that apply to newsworthiness.

The Media and Public Relations team would like to hear from anyone with a story to tell. We will work with you to determine whether your story has 'legs' and where it is likely to get the best traction.  Before you contact the Media and Public Relations team, give some thought to:

  1. Does your story have a 'wow' factor? Is this new?
  2. Does your story relate to a current issue or problem that is in the news?
  3. Is there a significant community impact?
  4. Which audience(s) do you wish to target?

Are you media ready?

For researchers with a great story or those who are keen to dip their toe into new media, its important to have an understanding of the media and how to navigate the different channels.

The Australian Science Media Centre (to which the university subscribes) provides a useful online media training resource to introduce researchers to the different media - both traditional and emerging.

Media and Public Relations can also help you with basic training and media advice.