Submissions to Government

Local, State and Federal Governments consult with key stakeholders and the wider community as part of the policy making process.  In most cases, a consultation paper is published which helps to frame the feedback and input sought.

Our University provides input to government consultations by preparing written submissions, with input from relevant faculties, staff and students. In preparing the submission we make every attempt to consult relevant people across the university.

Staff input is welcomed and encouraged.

Current major consultations

Below is a list of relevant consultations that are currently open for comment, with a link to their web page and consultation paper.

TitleAboutClosing date for input

Performance-based Funding for the Commonwealth Grant Scheme

A Federal Government consultation seeking on ideas to link a small increase in university funding to various performance measures, including student experience, graduate outcomes and equity.

Please send any input to Fiona Bastian by 5 February 2019.

Consultation Paper on the reallocation of Commonwealth supported places for enabling, sub-bachelor and postgraduate courses

A Federal Government consultation seeking ideas on the best way to distribute certain places to universities, including those for pathways programs, sub-bachelor places (for degrees shorter than a regular bachelors degree) and postgraduate courses.


Please send any input to Fiona Bastian by 5 February 2019.

National Regional, Rural and Remote Education Strategy Framing Paper

The Federal Government is seeking input on how to support students from regional, rural and remote areas, including how to help them engage with higher education and lifelong learning, and how to address disadvantage.


Please have any input to Fiona Bastian by 7 February 2019.

The Review of the Australian Qualification Framework

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training. This review is seeking input on whether the Framework remains fit for purpose, and how it could evolve with the evolving skills needs of Australia’s workforce.


Please send any input you have to Fiona Bastian by 1 March 2019.

For general information regarding government submissions or on individual consultations, contact:

Fiona Bastian
Head of Government Relations
Office of the VIce-Chancellor
Ext: 17869