Meet Madeline Temple

Phillip JohnsonWhy did you join the University Council?

To provide a strong student voice at the executive level of University governance, and improve the university experience for all students regardless of location, area of study or circumstance. University Council will allow me to engage with my local community, and afford me the insight and experience of industry professionals from a broad range of backgrounds.

What do you look back on most fondly when it comes to your own education?

The University of Newcastle has truly enriched and enhanced my educational experience. Relocating from my home in Sydney, has given me the opportunity to engage with the on campus community, immerse myself in student advocacy, and participate in a variety of student clubs and cultural interests including sport, music and drama. I had the privilege of participating in an overseas semester exchange to Norway in 2018, allowing me the chance to making new friends locally and from across the globe.


Madeline Temple is a final year medical student at the University of Newcastle, with interests in surgery, medical education, student advocacy, music and sports.

She holds a strong passion for student fellowship and leadership, with experience as President of the University of Newcastle Medical Society, President of the University of Newcastle Surgical Society, and Australian Medical Students’ Association representative. In these roles she advocated for the interests of over 750 medical students across the Central Coast, Hunter and New England Region.

In 2017 Madeline participated in the New Colombo Plan, undertaking electives in the field of traumatology and emergency medicine in Cambodia and Nepal. As a recipient of the 2018 UON Global Traveller Grant, she undertook a semester exchange to Norway, building global connections in the areas of paediatrics, obstetrics, and gynaecology.

Outside of medicine, Madeline enjoys volunteering with St Vincent de Paul and Holdsworth St Community Centre, engaging in student drama productions, and playing cello in the UON Medical Revue. She is a recipient of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award and holds a Diploma of Speech and Communication from the Australian Speech and Communication Association.

In addition to her role on University Council, Madeline is the student representative to Academic Senate. In 2019 she will complete an observership at New York Centre for Children in the areas of paediatric primary care and domestic violence.