Confidentiality and how to report

At any time, you can seek confidential advice from the Disclosures Coordinator or a nominated Disclosures Officer. To make a formal report you should:

  1. Download and fill out the Internal Report Form. You can choose to make your disclosure anonymously (leave sections blank where indicated on the form), or should you choose to include your details, where possible and appropriate confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process.
  2. Submit the completed Internal Report form to the Disclosures Coordinator or a nominated Disclosures Officer (refer to the Public Interest Disclosure Policy for details).
  3. Continue to act with discretion. Don’t telegraph your disclosure and if you are concerned about potential reprisal, make this known when you submit your report.

You can also seek advice, guidance and support via UON's confidential Fraud and Corruption Hotline - phone 4913 8037.