Travel Insurance FAQs

These FAQ's are to be used as a guide only. If you have any other questions, please contact Insurance.

If you travel on an approved University activity - for example, Semester Exchange, SSP, Short Courses, Conferences etc. - you may be covered by UON's Corporate Travel Policy.

Approval must be authorised by the relevant Faculty or Supervisor. The Insurance team does not approve travel. If you are unsure about your coverage, contact Insurance

There is no coverage for high risk activities. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • any snow sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, ice-climbing etc;
  • hunting;
  • racing (other than on foot);
  • polo playing;
  • hang gliding;
  • rodeo riding;
  • BASE jumping;
  • sports activities in a professional capacity;
  • mountaineering or rock climbing using ropes or guides;
  • scuba diving unless the traveller holds an Open Water Diving Certificate or is diving with a qualified diving instructor

Additionally, there is no coverage for travel to DFAT Rated Alert Level: Do Not Travel countries - as rated at the time of booking

Further details can be found here for staff and here for students.

Costs incurred within 24 months of sustaining an accidental bodily injury, sickness or disease are covered. This includes, but is not limited to, costs incurred for medical treatment including surgery, hospitalisation, ambulance services, chiropractic, physiotherapy, emergency dental, emergency optical treatment and medical supplies.

If, during a journey, an insured person sustains accidental bodily injury, sickness or disease - and in the opinion of International SOS it is judged medically necessary to undertake Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation - cover is in place for associated costs.

Non Medicare Medical Expenses attract an excess of $50, which is the portion students or staff will retain of any loss.

Electronic Equipment claims attract an excess of $500, which is the portion students or staff will retain of any loss.

The University's Corporate Travel policy does not provide cover for partners and family members. The policy will only cover the UON traveller for their approved travel.

The University's Corporate Travel insurance may cover expenses arising from an emergency associated with a pre-existing condition. However, it does not cover medical expenses incurred for the "continuing treatment, including any medication commenced prior to the commencement date of the journey, which the insured person has been advised by a physician to continue during the journey".

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you should seek medical advice regarding your planned travel. Should your GP advise you not to travel, then claims will be excluded from the Corporate Travel insurance policy.

There is some limited cover provided by the University's Corporate Travel insurance for personal travel. The duration and terms of this cover are determined by your role in the University and the period of the business related activities.

Cover for personal travel is only available for staff when:

  • the purpose of a trip is primarily for business purposes (50% or more of the trip is business related); and
  • when the personal travel days do not exceed 28 days in total; and
  • when the personal travel days are taken within the country of last business related activities

For more details, please see here

Cover for personal travel is not provided to students.

Coverage is for a maximum of 180 days. If your journey exceeds this duration, it is recommended that private travel insurance is arranged for the entire trip.

Once you have gained appropriate approval for your proposed travel, please send your request for confirmation of travel insurance here, accompanied by:

  • Copy of travel itinerary and dates of the approved activity
  • For staff: a daily plan/travel diary
  • For students: a link to the host University academic calendar

Once received, Insurance may issue a confirmation of cover letter.

Gather and keep all documents relating to your loss or injury (this may include police reports, medical reports, lost baggage correspondence etc.)

Complete the Corporate Travel Claim Form and send to with all your supporting documentation. Details of which documents are required to support your claim can be found here.

Claims not lodged within six months may not be approved by the Insurer.

Should the terms outlined for staff and/or students not satisfy your travel needs, we recommend you arrange personal travel insurance for the duration of the trip.

It is your responsibility to find a suitable policy - the University's insurance policy cannot be extended or customised.

Because of the American Healthcare system, most Universities in the USA will not let you enrol without taking out American based Private Health Insurance.

Private Health insurance is different to Travel insurance. Travel insurance is for emergency/unforseen medical costs, whereas Private Health will cover you for GP check-ups etc.

This can be expensive and should be considered when budgeting for your trip.