Insurance for Clubs, Societies & Collectives

The University of Newcastle subscribes to a broad insurance program that protects the approved activities of its Clubs, Societies and Collectives. Insurance can be described as means to reduce or eliminate risk of loss; it is used to safeguard the interests of University parties - however, insurance is a last resort. Appropriate risk management and risk mitigation must be undertaken for insurance to apply, and reduce the risk of any loss occurring in the first instance.

An activity or event may be covered if the activity is:

  • aligned with the purpose of the Club, Society or Collective;
  • allowed under the Constitution (of the entity and Affiliate);
  • appropriately approved by Student Central/Affiliate and Club Executives under their delegation; and
  • satisfies UON Policies & Procedures.

An Insurance Handbook with further details can be obtained from Insurance, Student Central or your Affiliated Body.

The Personal Accident policy covers University of Newcastle Students and Club, Society & Collective Members for injuries sustained in the course of participating in an approved activity. It provides injury assistance and Non-Medicare medical expense benefits (where such expenses are not claimable under other insurance arrangements). Claims must first be made against Medicare, Private Health Insurance, and compulsory third party policies (where applicable) prior to submitting a claim through the University.

The injury must be the result of a "fortuitous act" (i.e. due to chance). As this is an accident policy, it does not cover costs arising from sickness, disease or pre-existing medical conditions.

Further information on limits and exclusions are detailed in the Summary of Personal Accident Insurance.

For details on submitting a claim, please contact Insurance.

The Public Liability policy provides cover for claims that may be brought by third parties for injury and/or property damage in those instances where a Club, Society or Collective may be shown to be legally liable. Although a claimant must be able to demonstrate that they have suffered a loss as a result of negligence, a claim can be brought against the group even if there is little or no proof - in this instance, the policy would cover Legal Defence costs for unsubstantiated claims.

It is particularly important that Executive Officers and Members minimise risk (both for themselves and the Club, Society or Collective) by not engaging in any behaviour which may allow the Insurer to claim that those actions have voided the policy. Flagrant breaches of safety codes, UON policy & procedure, and the Club, Society or Collective constitution may result in claim denial.

If a Member becomes aware of an incident where a person is injured or property is damaged that may be the result of a Club, Society or Collective (or one of their members') actions, you must notify Insurance as soon as possible.

The Property policy provides cover for loss/damage to Club, Society & Collective goods and equipment. This only applies to property owned by the group; all assets must be itemised and specified on an inventory list (updated every semester and available upon request). Losses must be due to theft or damage which can be linked to a specific event on a particular date and time to be eligible for reimbursement.

Theft from storage areas left unlocked, or by persons with access to keys, or loss of items left in the open are not covered.

The personal property of Members is not covered.

For details on submitting a claim, please contact Insurance.

  • Are Club, Society and/or Collective members covered by travel insurance?

The Travel Insurance policy may extend to cover losses incurred on approved Club, Society or Collective journeys. The basic sections of coverage are emergency medical expenses, travel cancellation, personal liability and personal effects. Contact Insurance for confirmation of cover or to obtain a copy of the insurance summary.

  • Is my car covered if an incident occurs while on an approved event/activity?

While UON does arrange Motor Vehicle insurance for all University owned cars, there is no cover for privately owned vehicles. Claims for damage to private vehicles and third party vehicles (regardless of the cause) are most appropriately lodged against your own insurance policy.

  • Where do I get the Public Liability Certificate of Currency?

Should an external vendor/venue request proof of Public Liability cover, Insurance may issue the appropriate Certificate of Currency, provided the Club/Society/Collective confirm approval of the event; that it aligns with the entity's constitution; and that it does not breach internal policy.

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