Reporting with NINA

Newcastle Information and Analytics (NINA) offers you a whole new world of reporting. NINA is the university's latest reporting tool, and provides you with data at your fingertips.

NINA adds impressive new visual presentations that allow you to see data in innovative ways. Improved functionality makes it easier for you to quickly build the analysis you need. You don't have to stare at numbers in spreadsheets anymore - spot variations and trends while watching your data dance!

NINA enables you to

  • save your own reports, graphs and charts
  • explore your data - the only limit is your imagination
  • access reports on your tablet - find answers to important questions and demonstrate live data wherever you are on campus.

Data available

The following reports are available in NINA. View a comprehensive list of business intelligence reports.

Research income and publications reports provide up-to-date national research and publications benchmarking data. The following reports are available in NINA:

Research benchmarking reports are also available.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards are restricted to Executive Committee members and their nominees.

Useful information

Access to NINA is restricted. If you require access, submit a data warehouse custom request to ServiceUON and outline why you need access and what you require. You will receive an email notification once approved.

The Access and use of corporate data procedure - 001042 applies to all users of UON corporate data.

NINA is a intuitive, user-friendly program. See information on how to get started.

We offer face-to-face training in the use of NINA, both one-on-one and for small groups, tailored to your specific information needs.

You can request NINA training via ServiceUON to get personalised assistance.