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4000 level

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Students will complete an honours research project under the supervision of an academic staff member who is the student's honours research supervisor. The course involves the direct application of the research knowledge and skills developed in the previous 3 years of the social work program specifically SWRK 3005. Building on SWRK 4006, students will complete appropriate data collection and analysis and finalise their research thesis.


Not currently offered.

This Course was last offered in Semester 1 - 2014.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Carry out independent research in the context of social work practice

2. Select and administer quantitative and/or qualitative research methods most appropriate to answer a specific research question in social work practice.

3. Gain practical skills in gathering and analysing research data

4. Further develop competence in identifying and appropriately responding to ethical issues encountered in social work research

5. Be able to critically review the benefits and shortfalls of published research and complete a literature review for the purpose of a new research project.

6. Develop reach application, project management and time management skills

7. Develop writing, editing and drafting skills for the purpose of producing a research thesis.

8. Engage in informed debate on social, political, ethical, technical and practical issues surrounding social work research.


  • The role of research in social work practice.
  • Refining and conducting a research project.
  • Gathering quantitative and/or qualitative data.
  • Analysing quantitative and/or qualitative data.
  • Ethical and political issues in social work
  • Critical appraisal of published research.
  • Writing a literature review
  • Writing a research thesis


This course is only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work or Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) programs.

Students require a credit average for course work in previous years of study to enrol in this course.

Assumed knowledge

Completion of SWRK 4006 course in the Bachelor of Social Work program.

Assessment items

Thesis: Research Thesis

Presentation: Research Presentation