Available in 2018

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Professional interpersonal skills and the ability to reflect on, and analyse, work with a supervisor, are taught in a classroom-based workshop complemented by online learning tasks.

Availability2018 Course Timetables


  • Semester 1 - 2018

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Attending and listening, verbal and non verbal cues, empathy, genuineness, concreteness, immediacy, confrontation, self disclosure.

2. Understanding of the helping relationship and the role of self.

3. Awareness of one's values.

4. Capacity to reflect on one's own work and to give and receive feedback.

5. Understanding of different contexts for the use of professional interpersonal skills.

6. Understanding of professional interpersonal skills with different client groups e.g. children, involuntary clients.


The course uses an experiential model where students learn by actively practising the skills involved.

Content areas include the skills of interpersonal helping, the helping relationship, giving and receiving feedback constructively, reflecting on work and various contexts for the use of professional interpersonal skills.

Review of Progress

This course is a compulsory program requirement for students in the following program(s):

In addition to meeting the University's overall requirements for academic progression, students enrolled in these program(s) must satisfactorily complete this course in order to progress in their program.


This course is only available to students who are active in the Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) and have successfully completed or concurrently enrolled in SWRK2001, OR are active in the Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Hons).

Assumed knowledge

Completion of all first year social work courses.

Assessment items

Journal: Online Written Reflections

Interview: Oral assessment

Contact hours


Online Activity

Online 1 hour(s) per Week for Full Term


Face to Face On Campus 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term