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10 units


4000 level

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The course provides students with skills in entrepreneurship and assists in building an understanding of the key elements of business creation, providing pathways for innovation and future self-employment in an international context. Putting their skills developed in STAR4000 into practice on an international scale.

With the support of Austrade, Slingshot, SendGrid and UON Singapore, this experience will provide students with the real-life practices to help propel their international Startup journey.

The course curriculum focuses on the skills and insights required to build a company, commercialise products and conduct business in the SE Asian region and will provide immersion experiences including:

- opportunity to spend time in Singaporean co-working spaces to experience an accelerator and/or incubator;

- site visits to some of the world's leading and largest technology companies; and

- opportunities to connect with Startup founders, Venture Capital investors, and UON Alumni paving their way in the SE Asia market.

Applications for STAR4100 will be accepted through an online Expression of Interest form and a competitive selection process. Successful applicants will be eligible for a scholarship through the New Colombo Plan Mobility Program to the value of $2,970 to support students to participate in the course.

The scholarship will assist students to cover the flights and accommodation in Singapore.

Students will require about $100 a day while in Singapore to cover incidental expenses such as food and ground transport.

Further details on support available to students participating in international travel is available on the UON Website, Please visit the UON Study Overseas Pre-Departure site for details on how to prepare, the funding support available and travel insurance.

On commencing this course students will need to complete an induction and a compulsory Workplace Health and Safety component. Full information on this compulsory component will be provided in the course outline.

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Critically discuss and analyse the lean startup principles through the articulation of a new business concept in an international context.

2. Demonstrate an ability to engage across cultures in creative, experimental working practices and processes.

3. Conduct independent research to demonstrate selection of appropriate research methods, experiments and/or testing strategies, analysis and evaluation in the development of a new business concept in an international content.

4. Critically discuss and evaluate the potential social, environmental and cultural differences of building and selling products in an international market.

5. Demonstrate an ability to articulate ideas and concepts using a range of communication techniques including visual, verbal and written for an international audience.

6. Evaluate, and practically apply learned theoretical approaches in an international context.

7. Demonstrate the array of skills required and opportunities available in a global entrepreneurial career path.


The Course covers the following critical pillars of company formation:

  • Observing start-ups in an incubator environment.
  • Communicating across cultures and developing cross cultural relationships.
  • Applying lean methodology.
  • Networking with industry and government stakeholders.
  • Developing and testing new products and business models in an international incubator environment.
  • Scaling and operating internationally.


This course is being offered in conjunction with an Australian Government Scholarship through the New Colombo Mobility Program. The international travel dates are 22 September to 6 October. To be eligible to apply students must:

-have successfully completed STAR4000;

-be enrolled in a 3-year Bachelor Degree or 4-year Bachelor Honours Degree;

-be aged between 18-28 years of age;

-be an Australian Citizen; and

-not have received a scholarship for a previous short-term UON experience.

Assessment items

Proposal / Plan: Work Placement Project Plan

Journal: Reflective Journal

Presentation: Business Pitch Presentation