The University of Newcastle, Australia
Not currently offered

Course handbook


This course provides an in depth study of a topic in software engineering. The topic is individually chosen to suit the student's background and aspirations, and will be offered a reading and/or project course under the direction of a member of the academic staff.


Not currently offered.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the content and context of an advanced software engineering topic

2. Apply advanced software engineering concepts and tools

3. Improved communication skills in the context of advanced software engineering concepts.


The content comprises a topic in software engineering which may vary from year to year according to staff availability, developments in technology and the presence of academic visitors. Indicative topics include:

  • Algorithms
  • Compilers
  • Cyber-Security
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Computer Vision
  • Distributed Operating Systems
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

The course content is a combination of topic literature research and practical application in the development of a relevant software artefact. Knowledge of the studied topic is assessed via a written report and presentation.  


Permission from Head of Discipline

Assessment items

Written Assignment: Project Specification

Written Assignment: Final Report

Presentation: Oral Presentation