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6000 level

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In the Australian context, the 'face' of religion has changed from a largely Christian one in the early 20th century, to a diverse landscape featuring all of the major world religions especially and importantly Judaism.. Australia is the first and only country where Jewish people were extant from the beginning of European settlement. Apart from Australia's First People the Jewish people constituted the first permanent non-Christian ethno-religious group in modern Australian society. This course will critically analyse the Jewish contribution to Australian civic and religious life, including the Jewish community's contribution to anti-discrimination, anti-racism, welfare and interfaith initiatives. Furthermore, it will explore the contribution and place of the Jewish faith and the Jewish people in the contemporary world. It focuses on aspects of the history, beliefs and practices of Judaism and the current direction of Jewish interreligious dialogue.


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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the pluriform nature of Judaism

2. Critically analyse and appraise the key hallmarks of diverse Jewish traditions

3. Distinguish and describe the major influences on Jewish history

4. Analyse the contribution and place of Judaism in Australia and the contemporary world


Within the course, students will study in depth the following topics:

  1. The history, beliefs and worship of Judaism ;
  2. The emergence of Rabbinic Judaism; the Enlightenment and the development of contemporary Judaism; the Holocaust and the creation of the State of Israel
  3. The nature of covenant, the function of Torah (oral and written) and the images of God
  4. The place of the major festivals of the Jewish calendar and the role of public and private worship, especially the function of synagogue and prayer
  5. Jewish interreligious dialogue, examining the basis of past contact and the major issues associated with contemporary efforts at dialogue

Assessment items

Essay: 2 x Essays

Online Learning Activity: 4 x Online Discussion Board