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Islam constitutes one of the most controversial topics in recent times. Especially since the events of 9/11, interest in it has risen exponentially, as has misunderstanding and the demonstration of poorly informed media, politicians, educators and the general populace. Consistent with the goals of postgraduate theology at the University of Newcastle, this course will aim to redress these problems by offering content based on the most up to date research available about Islam, its origins, core theologies and its interrelationship with its sibling Abrahamic religions of Judaism and Christianity. The central focus will be on Islam as one of the three 'religions of the Book', its place in this troika of traditions and its particular influence on the events of its time and on the development of the Judaeo-Christian West to the present day. It will offer an overview of both amenable and hostile theologies in Islam's self-understanding of its role as a partner religion with Judaism and Christianity and, in relation to the latter, will address contemporary issues emanating from radical Islam and Jihadism, challenging students to be creative in attempting problem-solving of what has developed into one of the most significant security issues in modern times.


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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the theologies of Islam.

2. Utilize their understanding in being able to analyse particular historical issues arising from the interface of Islam with Judaism, Christianity and Western culture.

3. Identify complex issues and problems associated with Islam in the 21st century, and use theological skills to propose creative responses to these.


Within the course, students will study in depth the following topics:

  1. The origins and theologies of Islam
  2. Key theological thinkers and events in the history of Islam and their interface with Western theologies and cultures.
  3. The internal challenges for contemporary Islam and external challenges for those societies impacted on by Islam.

Assessment items

Written Assignment: 2 x Essays / Written Assignments

Online Learning Activity: Wiki Teamwork Contribution

Online Learning Activity: 4 x Online Discussion Board