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10 units


6000 level

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This course explains the historical development and foundational sources of the ecclesial teaching on Mary. It will disclose perspectives and models for Christian theology by exploring the Life and Faith of Mary.


Not currently offered.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Explore the historical and theological sources on the teaching of Mary;

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the main devotional forms of Mary and her role in ecumenical dialogue;

3. Demonstrate the significance of Mary for Christian existence and Church.


Themes will include:

  • Mary in Scripture and her role in the first communities;
  • Mary in the Christian tradition: Ecumenical Councils and church Fathers;
  • Devotion and perception of Mary in the Eastern Churches;
  • Devotion of Mary in the Catholic Church;
  • Mary and the Second Vatican Council;
  • Mary and arts;
  • Mary as Model of Christian Discipleship;
  • Mary in Christian Churches.


This course replaces THEO6029. If you have successfully completed THEO6029 you cannot enrol in this course.

Assessment items

Written Assignment: Essay / Written Assignment 1

Written Assignment: Essay / Written Assignment 2