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10 units


6000 level

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This course has been designed to provide a thorough understanding of Practical Theology, its academic and practical sides, and how it best can be carried out to meet the needs of people today in very different contexts.


Not currently offered.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of how practical theology is a wider dimension of theological discourse.

2. Demonstrate the skills of reflection as practical theologians.

3. Examine how a theologian's views are shaped by context.

4. Demonstrate an understanding of differing contexts and their theologies out of which to do practical theology

5. Examine pastoral care in contexts including feminist, ecological, liberation, justice and political.


Themes will include:

  • The broader meaning of practical theology;
  • Essential relationship between academic and practical theology;
  • Differing contexts in contemporary society;
  • Social, cultural, political and religious factors today; and
  • Serving communities of faith.


This course replaces THEO6025. If you have successfully completed THEO6025 you cannot enrol in this course.

Assessment items

Written Assignment: Essay / Written Assignment 1

Written Assignment: Essay / Written Assignment 2