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6000 level

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This course is structured around the various domains of evangelisation as understood in Catholic teaching on mission and evangelisation. It explores how Catholic school education is a privileged process in regard to evangelisation understood in terms of its various domains viz proclamation (by word and witness), dialogue, justice peace and reconciliation, ensuring the integrity of creation, inculturation, liturgy and prayer, and the pastoral care of the faithful. The course involves the study of both scripture and tradition in regard to these domains.


Not currently offered.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of and be confident in applying mission theology to the many aspects of their lives and roles as educators in areas such as curriculum, school renewal, professional development of staff, and community development;

2. Identify the evangelizing possibilities within their own practice within the school or school system;

3. Articulate their understandings within the school community; have enriched their personal and communal spiritualities by appropriate scripture study and engagement with relevant Catholic tradition.


Themes include:

  • Education as evangelisation - that is education as proclamation, dialogue, personal and societal liberation, care for creation etc;
  • Indepth study of secularisation and pluralism;
  • The importance of narrative;
  • Analysis of school culture;
  • Missional dimension of liturgy and prayer;
  • Education as prophetic dialogue (overarching theme);
  • Paul's approach to the kingdom (justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit).


This course replaces THEO6012. If you have successfully completed THEO6012 you cannot enrol in this course.

Assumed knowledge

This course may be taken only by students who have already studied either THEO6011 or THEO1005 or THEO6015 or can satisfy that they have done some equivalent study of mission theology.

Assessment items

Written Assignment: Essay / Written Assignment 1

Written Assignment: Essay / Written Assignment 2