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10 units


6000 level

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With the guidance of one or more research supervisors, students will conduct and report the research project which they designed in the Research Proposal course, PSYC6511. This will involve independent research and preparation of a thesis. The steps involved in this process include data collection, data analysis, and report writing.


Not currently offered.

This Course was last offered in Semester 1 - 2016.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Collect data according to a method previously specified in a research proposal and an ethics submission.

2. Analyse data according to a method previously specified in a research proposal.

3. Write a clear, succinct and critical report of the research in the form of a thesis.

4. Present the research to an audience in a manner suited to the audience's understanding.


Students will work together with their supervisor(s) to achieve the objectives specified above.

At least one supervisor must be a member of the academic staff of the School of Psychology. Co-supervision by others outside the School can be arranged.


This course is only available to students enrolled in the Doctor of Clinical Psychology program.

Assumed knowledge

It is assumed that students will have passed courses in statistics and research methodology, and will have completed a research project, as part of a four-year program in Psychology which has been accredited. It is also assumed that they will have completed a research proposal as part of the program, in the Research Project 1 course (PSYC6511). They will also have gained expertise through participation in previous research courses PSYC6515,PSYC6518,PSYC6519,PSYC6520,PSYC6521.

Assessment items

Report: Reports