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Provides the essential legal framework for students to understand how the law functions, both as a tool to improve the environment and health and safety, and as part of the background against which other techniques for improvements must operate. It provides a sound knowledge of the specific discipline of law as it relates to environmental and occupational health and safety; and outlines the major pieces of legislation governing environmental planning, environmental and public health, and occupational health and safety. It assists students in understanding the role of decision-making in EOHS and contributes to students' analytical, problem solving and written communication skills.

The course is only offered externally in Singapore.

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PSB Singapore

  • Trimester 3 - 2017 (Singapore)
  • Trimester 3 - 2018 (Singapore)

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Discuss the nature of law making and operation in Singapore;

2. Describe the legal system and how it relates to the operation of environmental and occupational health and safety;

3. Develop a critical understanding of occupational health and safety legislation;

4. Develop a critical understanding of environmental and public health, and environmental planning legislation;

5. Discuss the concepts of negligence and liability in relation to environmental and occupational health and safety laws;

6. Discuss remedies available for breaches of legal standards;

7. Appreciate the ethical issues inherent in operating as a safety or environmental control professional.


  • Structure and functions of law and legal institutions in Singapore;
  • Examination of the operation of the laws governing occupational and environmental health and safety;
  • OHS legislation;
  • Factories Act and Regulations;
  • Fire Safety Act and Regulations;
  • Radiation Protection Act
  • Workmans' Compensation Act and practices;
  • Environmental and public health legislation;
  • Environment Public Health Act and Regulations (Public Cleansing, Food Hygiene, Environmental Control Officers);
  • Control of Vectors and Pesticides Act;
  • Infectious Diseases Act;
  • Environmental Pollution Control Act;
  • Sewerage and Drainage Act;
  • Negligence and liability.

Changes may be made from time to time to ensure that the latest developments are incorporated


This course is not only available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Environmental & Occupational Health & Safety program, but also non-award students. No change for entry criteria (entry criteria will be the same as that for students in the bachelor's program).

Assessment items

In Term Test: Class Test

Written Assignment: Essay / Written Assignment

Formal Examination: Examination: Formal

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Face to Face On Campus 40 hour(s) per Term Full Term

Contact hours are not regular or on a weekly basis, since delivery will take place on some week-ends and evenings, ie, there will be some intensive block teaching. Total face to face contact will be 40 hours.