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2000 level

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Musical leadership is required in almost all ensembles and nearly every genre of music. This course prepares students with the necessary skills required in conducting and/or musical directing for ensembles, orchestra, mixed ensembles, choirs, bands, studio recordings and any other professional and amateur or community context involving musical leadership. The diverse skill set required by a conductor or musical director includes: score preparation, learning parts, maintaining a constant beat, cueing, pitch and rhythmic recognition, non-verbal communication in performance, collaboration skills, conducting with click tracks, auditioning skills, physical coordination, analytical skills and leadership skills. This course helps students develop the most generic of these skills and provides them with the opportunity to focus their study on the skills that will be most useful in the chosen styles.


Not currently offered.

This Course was last offered in Winter - 2018.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Recognise the stylistic factors required to conduct or direct a work of music from a particular period or genre.

2. Demonstrate ability to lead/direct an ensemble or orchestra unambiguously and within the style of the work being conducted or directed

3. Ability to collaborate and communicate with musicians and associated colleagues

4. Knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of each instrument with respect to articulation, instrumental limitations and loudness

5. Ability to prepare a musical work, conduct rehearsal, diagnose problems, and act effectively to remedy them


Students will be provided with information & materials. Students will be involved in lectures, seminars, tutorials & online deliveries. Access will be provided to conduct and direct ensembles provided by the Bachelor of Music program.

Assumed knowledge

MUSI1461, MUSI1462, MUSI1631, MUSI1632

Assessment items

In Term Test: Examination: Class 1

In Term Test: Examination: Class 2

In Term Test: Listening and analytical essay and test