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After an introduction to the appropriate skills and tools, students form groups, each of which works on a major IT project for the semester. Projects typically involve database design and implementation, programming, interface design, and writing and reporting, and individual group members will contribute as appropriate to these tasks. Students are encouraged to find and develop real projects with industry partners. The written project report is complemented with an oral presentation.


Not currently offered.

This Course was last offered in Trimester 2 - 2016 (Singapore).

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Plan, cost and evaluate a substantial information technology project;

2. Implement a substantial information technology project;

3. Apply their information technology knowledge and skills in a multi-disciplinary project;

4. Communicate proficiently with clients;

5. Understand the role of information technology projects in providing strategic advantage to organisations and their use in business venturing.


  1. Information technology project design
  2. Information technology project costing and accounting
  3. Information technology project management
  4. Information technology project implementation
  5. Information technology business venturing and entrepreneurship
  6. Professional practice and ethics
  7. Working in organisations

Assumed knowledge

Students undertaking INFT3930 are strongly advised that they should do so only after successfully completing the following courses COMP1050, INFT1001, INFT1004, INFT2040 and INFT2009, or equivalents. This course requires proficiency in understanding and expressing complex concepts at tertiary level. High levels of academic English are required. Students who have not undertaken at least 40 units of 2000/3000 level courses on campus at The University of Newcastle at Callaghan, Ourimbah or Singapore are advised to consult with the Course Co-ordinator before enrolling.

Assessment items

Written Assignment: Written Project Proposal

Written Assignment: Written Bi-Weekly Reports

Report: Client Written Report

Project: Assignment - Project Management

Presentation: Final Group Presentation

Report: Final Written Report