The University of Newcastle, Australia
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10 units


3000 level

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Indigenous Cultural Competencies in the Humanities will provide students with the skills required to work with Indigenous peoples and communities. As such, it will introduce students to:

* a range of disciplinary perspectives on the experience of Indigenous peoples;

* an overview of policies that have affected Indigenous peoples;

* written and multimedia accounts of Indigenous responses to policy;

* disciplinary-based professional models of best practice.

The emphasis will be on Aboriginal Australia.


Not currently offered.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Critically appraise the cultural appropriateness of a range of policies and programs that impact on Indigenous peoples

2. Reflect on the experience of Indigenous peoples from a range of disciplinary perspectives;

3. Apply the cultural competencies framework to their own disciplinary practice;

4. Access guidelines and models of best practice for engaging with Indigenous communities


The course will provide a perspective on policies and activism within Indigenous Australian history (4 weeks). Subsequent lectures will provide a range of current disciplinary imperatives for culturally competent practice that is inclusive of Indigenous peoples and cultures. Discipline areas include history, linguistics, languages, theology, sociology, cultural studies and welfare. Students' major assessment topic will correspond to one of their degree major sequences.

Assumed knowledge

At least 20 units of 2000--level courses in the Humanities

Assessment items

Tutorial / Laboratory Exercises: Weekly tutorial questions

Essay: Research essay