The University of Newcastle, Australia
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6000 level

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Project in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a critical course in advancing problem solving and applied skills in the Graduate Certificate of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. The focus is on advancing your knowledge of how to craft and improve key enterprise choices and outcomes. Sustaining enterprises in an environment of accelerated change is also a critical element of this course. This starts with the identification and framing of a real world innovation project and problem drawn from your work environment and you will be challenged to plan how you will successfully implement this project back in your workplace. You will be exposed to a mix of design thinking, project management and change management skills and knowledge to be incorporated into your project. The course is structured on both a macro organisational level and micro project level to allow you to integrate contemporary lessons from successful enterprises into your practical innovation design and implementation project. The course will not only examine the "why" and values behind a venture, which are also key tenets of great enterprises and their success, but to also understands how this knowledge may be translated into the micro skills of successfully designing, project managing and personally leading an innovation initiative within your workplace. This course applies all your knowledge from the suite of previous courses in the Graduate Certificate of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, but with the addition of a major project that utilises a range of contemporary theories and hones your practical understanding.


Not currently offered.

This Course was last offered in Trimester 3 - 2019.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Critically evaluate and utilise relevant theories and concepts underpinning resolution of innovation management problems;

2. Demonstrate capacity for dealing with complex real world innovation problems, including through effective project management;

3. Evaluate a range of leadership skills critical for sustainable, responsible innovation problem solving and project implementation;

4. Demonstrate an advanced ability to create, implement and evaluate management consulting practices within a major work-based innovation project.


The topics in this course will include the following:

1. Nature, theories and practice of enterprise startegy for times of accelarated change

2. Problem identification, framing and design thinking for improving innovation outcomes

3. Project manageing and evaluating the effectiveness of strategies to achieve innovation objectives

4. Strategic choices, direction and objectives of successful enterprises

5. Planning and processes involved in the development of project innovations

6. Change leadership requirements for championing innovation projects

Assessment items

Written Assignment: Project Overview Report

Report: Project Management Plan Report

Presentation: Innovation Project Presentation

Written Assignment: Innovation Project Final Report