Available in 2017, 2018
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10 units


6000 level

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Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility examines how corporations respond to ethical dilemmas whilst taking stock of the needs of their various stakeholders and the expectations of national governments. This requires an understanding of the social responsibilities of business in a global environment. The roles of government regulation and community collaboration, as they impact on businesses operating across cultures, are also explored and current reforms of corporate governance are analysed.

Availability2017 Course Timetables

UoN Singapore

  • Trimester 3 - 2017 (Singapore)

WebLearn GradSchool

  • Trimester 3 - 2017
  • Trimester 2 - 2018

Newcastle City Precinct

  • Trimester 1 - 2018
  • Trimester 3 - 2018

Sydney Elizabeth Street

  • Trimester 1 - 2018
  • Trimester 3 - 2018

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Build upon the understanding of the moral dimension in business and its importance to appraise the benefits and challenges of a corporate citizen

2. Distinguish and address the various expectations and demands that emanate from stakeholders on business firms

3. Apply decision making skills through the understanding of ethical, cultural and global issues that affect business

4. Practice appropriate business responses and management approaches for dealing with social, political, environmental, and global issues

5. Critically apply a broad and coherent knowledge of governance in business and recognise the legitimacy of business as an institution in a global society

6. Application of understanding in analysing real world examples and case studies through effective independent and collaborative work


The content of this course includes, but is not limited, to the following topics:

  1. Seeing the moral dimension in business
  2. Taking a moral position
  3. Ethics and Human talent
  4. Managing business ethics

Assessment items


Case Study / Problem Based Learning: GROUP CASE STUDY

Formal Examination: Final Examination

Contact hours

Newcastle City Precinct, UoN Singapore, Sydney Elizabeth Street and WebLearn GradSchool


Face to Face On Campus 36 hour(s) per Term Full Term