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10 units


6000 level

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Requires students to prepare a critical review of the literature that summarises the major research issues and their contributions and identifies a suitable research problem and associated research questions. The course prepares students for their research project through developing a framework for the dissertation based on relevant literature.

Availability2017 Course Timetables

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  • Trimester 2 - 2017

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Access, analyse and evaluate the literature and research relevant to their area of interest

2. Develop a research question and a framework based on the literature studied

3. Interpret the role of a literature review within a dissertation

4. Construct a coherent argument for their own research based on the literature

5. Write in an appropriate academic style

6. Write a literature review


The course content will be individually tailored following discussions between the student and supervisor. Topics will include:

  • Defining the topic
  • Developing the research question
  • Developing literature maps
  • Evaluating the relevant literature
  • Developing an argument
  • Academic writing requirements

Assumed knowledge

60 units of DBA courses

Assessment items

Written Assignment: Literature Critique

Annotated Bibliography: Annotated Bibliography

Literature Review: Literature Review

Contact hours

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Face to Face On Campus 36 hour(s) per Term