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6000 level

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Companies exist, thrive and prosper by delivering new goods and services to their customers. The development of new products and services continues to be described as “risky business”, and no concrete formula for success has yet been discovered. As customer needs and desires change, and competitive offerings make product selection more difficult, companies must rapidly develop products and services that match customer requirements and get them to market. In this course, students will examine a wide range of industry experiences, both successes and failures, to derive lessons about the new product diffusion process. Complementing this analysis with relevant academic theory and research, students will develop evidence-based principles, philosophies, concepts, techniques, processes and models for effective new product management and diffusion, and apply these to a proposal for developing and diffusing a new product of their own.


Not currently offered.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Discuss the important relationship between marketing strategy and new product development within an organisation

2. Apply the creative processes that foster product innovation and idea generation in aspects of new product development

3. Analyse aspects of new product diffusion process and identify factors which influence the success of diffusion of product innovations

4. Communicate in writing within marketing contexts

5. Work both independently and in a team environment employing appropriate theoretical frameworks to complete marketing projects


The content in this course includes the following:

New Product Planning

  • The Innovation-Decision Process
  • The Generation of Product Innovation
  • Product Innovation Process
  • Idea Generation and New Product Awareness
  • New Product Forecasting

  New Product Commercialization

  • New Product Adoption Rate
  • Innovativeness and Adopter Categories
  • New Product Information Acquisition
  • New Product Marketing and Market Entry


To enrol in this course student must have successfully completed 40 units of GMBA courses including GMBA6003 and be active in the Master of Business Administration (Global) program (40160).

Successful completion of 40 units of GMBA courses (GMBA6003 and 30 additional units of GMBA courses)

Assessment items

Case Study / Problem Based Learning: Case Study Analysis

Written Assignment: New Product Diffusion Report Part 1 - New Product Analysis

Report: New Product Diffusion Report Part 2 - New Product Ideation and Business Case