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6000 level

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This course develops advanced knowledge and a high level of competence in the use of signed language for pedagogical purposes.


Not currently offered.

This Course was last offered in Semester 1 - 2017.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate advanced skill in the use of Auslan and, as appropriate, other types of sign communication used in bilingual education settings;

2. Describe the principal linguistic features of Auslan relevant to its use as a language of instruction;

3. Describe the range of currently available procedures for assessing Auslan development in children;

4. Describe the range of currently available procedures for assessing the English language and literacy abilities of students who use signed language; and

5. Demonstrate the process of translation between English and Auslan for educational purposes.


Topics will include:  

  • Introduction to the linguistic features of Auslan relevant to its use as a language of instruction;
  • Theory and practice of using different types of sign communication, including natural sign systems;
  • Demonstration and analysis of specific teaching techniques using signed language, including explanation of new concepts, using questioning effectively, and managing group discussions;
  • Translating texts from English to Auslan;
  • Translating texts from Auslan to English;
  • Theory and practice in assessing Auslan development.
  • Assessing and teaching English language and literacy through sign language;
  • Assessing and teaching aspects of spoken language skills for students who sign (including visual phonics); and
  • Creating and adapting resources for sign language- using families and classrooms.


This course is only available to students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies programs (11008 or 12365) or Master of Special Education programs (10936, 12356, or 40014).

Assumed knowledge

Mandatory course requirement: Auslan Proficiency Rating Scale Level 3 or equivalent. All core courses in MSpecEd or demonstrated equivalent.

Assessment items

Quiz: Online Quiz: Linguistic features of Auslan

Log / Workbook: Teaching log

Project: Development of a teaching resource utilising both Auslan and English.

Compulsory Requirements

In order to pass this course, each student must complete ALL of the following compulsory requirements:

General Course Requirements:

  • Lecture: Attendance Requirement - Students must attend a minimum number of these sessions. - Attendance at the scheduled campus conference is compulsory.
  • Lecture: Auslan Competency - Students must demonstrate the required competency. - Auslan Advanced competency.