The University of Newcastle, Australia
Available in 2020
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6000 level

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Provides an introduction to research methodologies in education, both qualitative and quantitative. The subject introduces students to contemporary perspectives in educational research, and in particular focuses on developing a range of skills involved in formulating a research proposal; including framing research questions, reviewing the literature and choosing appropriate methodologies for different types of study. The ways in which researchers from different research traditions use the different methods of collecting research data (for example, interview, questionnaire and observation) will be included. As the subject is intended to prepare students either for a research thesis or an industry-based project, some preliminary work on the development and administration of a research instrument (e.g., a questionnaire or an interview) is included.

Availability2020 Course Timetables


  • Semester 1 - 2020


  • Semester 1 - 2020
  • Semester 2 - 2020

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Search for, select and critically analyse research articles and papers

2. Prepare a literature review

3. Formulate and evaluate research questions

4. Develop a research proposal or industry project plan

5. Gain experience with instrument development and data collection methods

6. Gain experience with ethics proposals


Educational research methodologies to be discussed will include a range of research traditions and designs: descriptive, survey, experimental, quasi-experimental, phenomenology, life history and biography, case study research, ethnographic research and grounded theory. The role of the practitioner is explored including action research. Students will be encouraged to develop their own research and/or project interests and to design a research instrument.

Assessment items

Literature Review: Assignment 1

Written Assignment: Assignment 2

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Face to Face On Campus 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term


Integrated Learning Session

Online 2 hour(s) per Week for Full Term