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Available in 2019
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10 units


2000 level

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This course is focused on students' knowledge and skills in the areas of professional knowledge and professional practice, particularly in the areas of student learning and classroom management. A key focus is on gathering evidence aligned with the AITSL standards to demonstrate an intermediate understanding of the profession. This course builds on Teach Outreach experiences and observations of teachers, teaching and learning undertaken by students in the First Year of their teacher education program. It also helps students to recognise and understand how coursework/research forms the foundation of high quality teaching and assessment practice by connecting what is studied at university with how that plays out in classrooms and schools.

Availability2019 Course Timetables


  • Semester 1 - 2019


  • Semester 1 - 2019

Replacing course(s)

This course replaces the following course(s): EDUC2195. Students who have successfully completed EDUC2195 are not eligible to enrol in EDUC2196.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

1. Relate child development theory, and student well-being and mental health research, to the management of learning;

2. Critically analyse and apply principles, policies, and practices for establishing and maintaining a productive learning environment;

3. Apply frameworks and models for understanding and responding to a range of challenging student behaviours;

4. Demonstrate effective communication skills to support classroom discussion; and

5. Demonstrate progress towards the attainment of Graduate Teacher Standards through professional experience.


Topic 1: Connections between teacher education, coursework, research and teaching/learning in 7-12 contexts.

Topic 2: The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers - Focus on Professional Knowledge and Professional practice (Standards 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Review of Progress

This course is a compulsory program requirement for students in the following program(s):

In addition to meeting the University's overall requirements for academic progression, students enrolled in these program(s) must satisfactorily complete this course in order to progress in their program.


To enrol in this course, students must have successfully completed or concurrently enrolled in EDUC2181 and EDUC1101, in 12368, 12369, 12370, 12371, 12372, 12373, 40107 OR 40108, comp 60 units including and met the Teacher Ed Milestone.

Enrolment in this course is dependent on meeting the teacher education admission milestone of successful completion of

- Three HSC band 5s (including one in English) or

- 80 units of UoN courses or

- Regulatory authority approved comparable pathways or

- Commencement in the program pre 2016

Students must have successfully completed 60 units of study

Assumed knowledge


Successful completion of LANTITE (

Assessment items

Report: Professional Experience Report on performance in classrooms and eportfolio *

Portfolio: e-portfolio *

* This assessment has a compulsory requirement.

Compulsory Requirements

In order to pass this course, each student must complete ALL of the following compulsory requirements:

General Course Requirements:

  • Lecture: Attendance Requirement - Students must attend a minimum number of these sessions.

Course Assessment Requirements:

  • Portfolio: Pass Requirement - Students must pass this assessment item to pass the course.
  • Report: Pass Requirement - Students must pass this assessment item to pass the course.

Pre-Placement Requirements:

  • Child Protection Awareness Training - Students must complete approved child protection awareness training.
  • Working with Children - A national criminal history check and review of findings of misconduct involving children, required for any child-related work.
  • Anaphylaxis Training - Students must complete approved anaphylaxis training.

Contact hours

Callaghan and Ourimbah


Face to Face On Campus 1 hour(s) per Week for 12 Weeks

Students must attend mandatory lectures that prepare them for the practicum experience. Times and dates of lectures will be available on the Course Blackboard site.


Face to Face Off Campus 5 day(s) per Week for 4 Weeks