The University of Newcastle, Australia

Student Hardship Fund: your generous impact

A message of thanks from our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alex Zelinsky AO

The University is heartened by the response from staff, alumni and the community who came together to support students facing extreme hardship due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. So far over $155,000 has been collectively donated to support students through $500 Hardship Grants and $750 Laptop Grants.

Video: Student Hardship Fund Thank You Message

Here are just some of the heartfelt responses from students who benefited from your generosity:

“This grant is going to help in ways that many people couldn’t imagine. Being able to buy myself a laptop for study will make my situation so much easier and I can get back to focusing on my studies. During this time the financial stress and anxiety has meant that my study has been suffering. I’m excited about being able to have access to resources again, to give myself the best opportunity possible to pass my courses this year.”

“I struggle to put into words how much this grant means to me during this time. The generosity truly means the world to me. Having this support has provided so much relief and will be truly cherished.”

“There were genuine discussions I had about potentially taking a leave of absence from the university until the crisis is over because studying at home was becoming so difficult. However this grant means that I can stay enrolled and go on to complete the semester.” 

“Thank you so much for your generosity! Thank you for making a big difference!”