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Rebecca Northam, 20 years old, was born with cystic fibrosis: the most common genetic life-shortening illness affecting young Australians today.

Her worsening health makes tertiary study difficult. In her first year of primary school teaching at UON, Rebecca was in hospital for six months fighting a painful lung infection. In second year, she was hospitalised for seven weeks. The regular hospital visits not only disrupt Rebecca’s studies, but make it near impossible for her to work and pay for textbooks and treatments.

“As my health declines, I worry I’ll be incapable of completing university. While I am studying and looking after my health it is difficult to work, so I can’t always support myself financially,” says Rebecca.

You can help students like Rebecca overcome heartbreaking and unfair hurdles to tertiary education. Your tax-deductible donation before 30 June will help create additional scholarships and empower more students to achieve their career aspirations. 100% of your donation will support UON students who need it most.

As Rebecca’s attending doctor, I am impressed with her ability to get her university work done, despite her hospital visits and treatments. With ongoing research into cystic fibrosis, we hope to improve outcomes for the individual and the whole community.

~ Conjoint Professor Peter Wark

Centre Director of the John Hunter Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic

Students like Rebecca need your urgent support

UON’s Shaping Futures Scholarship Fund helps disadvantaged students facing crippling health, family or financial challenges continue their studies and achieve their career dreams. This year, a record 577 students at UON applied for extra help. Thanks to our generous supporters, 42 students each received a $4,000 Shaping Futures Scholarship. With your help, we hope to increase the support available and give every student the chance to pursue their education and career aspirations, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Please donate before 30 June to help create more scholarships for students who need them most.

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