Gifts Beyond Remarkable Lifetimes

Reta Light

The Light Memorial Trust

The Light Memorial Trust was set up by the bequest of Reta Light for the purpose of purchasing books, periodicals, microfilms and musical scores. Through her donation of $1.5 million to the Auchmuty Library, the Trust has acquired a fine collection of Australian Poetry, rare first editions of James Joyce, Thomas Hardy and titles in the history of Theatre. The Trust continues to acquire more in compliance with the goals of the bequest.

Gladys Brawn

The Gladys M. Brawn Bequest

In 1985, Mr Harold Brawn began donating his possessions and money to the University in honour of his much loved wife, Gladys. His $5 million bequest in memory of his late wife, funds the Gladys M. Brawn Memorial Fellowship, and supports a variety of projects in Health. The bequest also funds the Gladys M. Brawn Senior Research Fellowship, supporting outstanding scientists with an international reputation in their field.

The bequest has supported five Senior Brawn Fellows and 17 Postdoctoral Fellows, all conducting valuable research with the potential to change the lives of people around the world. One recipient of this Senior Research Fellowship is Professor Amanda Baker. Professor Baker is a Clinical Psychologist who has practiced in both the fields of mental health and alcohol and other drug treatments in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Margaret Senior Illustration

Margaret Senior Bequest

The legacy of Margaret Senior, one of Australia's most prominent and respected wildlife illustrators, is continuing into the future thanks to a $50,000 gift left to the University of Newcastle. Margaret also left the copyright of her published work to the University, and gave a further $10,000 to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Her generous donations have allowed for the creation of the Margaret Senior Award, which recognises the outstanding work of an undergraduate student in the University's unique Bachelor of Illustration (Natural History) program.

Dr Beryl Collier

Dr Beryl Collier Bequest

Dr Beryl Collier, an esteemed gynaecologist and obstetrician, understood the value of quality education. However she was conscious that many people, particular Indigenous students, do not have the same opportunities to learn as she did.

Following Beryl's death in 2009, a bequest of $300,000 was left to the University of Newcastle Foundation. The money established the Dr Beryl Collier Indigenous Education Scholarship, which offers its recipients $6,135 plus $5,000 for HECS fees - a blessing for financially struggling students.

Kelver Hartley

The Hartley Bequest

One of the world's most generous travelling scholarships, valued at $30,000, was made possible by a $2 million bequest from Kelver Hayward Hartley, the University's Foundation Professor of French. He also donated the Hartley collection of rare books to the Auchmuty Library.

Jean Bogan

Laurence Charles Bogan Bequest

A generous bequest of $100,000 left to the University of Newcastle in 2002 by Mr Laurence Charles Bogan has funded the extension of the Jean Bogan Prize for Piano Composition. Laurie's bequest breathed life into his original donation in 1989, when he created the prize as a memorial to his late wife Jean Bogan's love for piano.

As a result, 2010 marked the inauguration of the Jean Bogan Youth Prize. Both prizes recognise original and outstanding solo compositions by Australian composers.

Norman Bushman

Norman Bushman Bequest

Norman Bushman's love of music and singing led him to leave a generous bequest of $2.8 million to the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music in the hope that it would attract aspiring young musicians to the Newcastle region.

After his death in 2010, Mr Bushman left his bequest with the Conservatorium where two scholarships worth approximately $50,000 are to be established. Mr Bushman hoped that the scholarships would help boost the institutions reputation as a leading music and education establishment in Australia.

Eric Sansom

Eric Sansom Bequest

Eric Sansom left a generous bequest of $350,000 to the University of Newcastle in 2011. After seeing his own son suffer with Diabetes, Mr Sansom requested that the money go towards supporting further research into the disease.

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