You're amazing!

Staff Giving Week celebrates our amazing staff supporters who make life-changing differences through their generosity. This week also raises awareness of the impact the gifts make to our capable students in need and our pioneering researchers.

As a community of UON staff we care about our dedicated and talented students and researchers. With our commitment to equity and excellence we make a difference and help to create better futures - together.

Staff Giving Week celebrates and thanks our amazing staff supporters whilst raising awareness about the life changing differences philanthropic gifts make to our capable students in need and our pioneering researchers, whose findings go on to influence and shape the lives of others for the better.

Many of our staff already participate in philanthropy activities, generously donating to endowment and scholarship funds, such as Shaping Futures, that directly support our students and researchers. This means that our staff is often the difference for the single-parent student who doesn’t need to juggle childcare and study time; the solution to a long journey that keeps a PhD student from their research work; the extra piece of equipment which saves a researcher hours of time in the lab; the funding for the webcam which brings two teams together to solve an old problem in a new way; the breakthrough in the Family Action Centre, the lifesaving session of counselling, the specially adapted laptop. The kindness of our staff furthers both equity and excellence.

In short, that means our generous staff donors are amazing and we look forward to celebrating and thanking you!

"I wish to express my gratitude for receiving this generous and substantial scholarship.
This award will open up possibilities and give me opportunities for my future as a professional performing flutist, composer and teacher.
Thank you again! I am very appreciative of this prestigious gift!"

Sarah Monk
Joy Ingall Scholarship for Music Studies recipient 2016
Bachelor of Music

"This incredibly generous scholarship has already allowed me to lighten my work load outside of university classes, and is allowing me to focus on my Honours year and time spent researching in the lab and field. It has offered me financial security, so that more of my time and effort can be spent ensuring my studies remain top priority. While much sadness and grief surrounds the circumstance of such an opportunity for myself, I am extremely humbled and grateful to be selected as the Glen Turner Scholar for 2016."

Larissa Johnson
Glen Turner Scholarship recipient 2016
Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management (Honours)

"I am incredibly grateful to have received a Shaping Futures Scholarship in early 2016. This scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to continue my degree, removed my financial stress and allowed me to focus on my studies.
I was born with Cystic Fibrosis which predominantly affects my lungs and significantly impacts my day to day life with no known cure. I began to question whether I would be capable of completing my Bachelor of Primary Teaching as I spend large amounts of time in hospital receiving treatment, but thanks to this scholarship I am determined to complete my studies and specialise in special education during my final years at university. I hope to pursue a career in teaching and eventually give back through education, providing opportunities for quality education and assisting students with additional needs.
To the people who made donations to the Shaping Futures Scholarship, I would like to say that you are changing lives. You may not see or meet the scholarship recipients, but you are equipping them with the tools to do great things. I cannot thank you enough for the changes you have made my life in the last year."

Rebecca Northam
Friends of the University Shaping Futures Scholarship recipient 2016
Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) (Honours)

Mrs Donna Feeney

Administrative Officer
School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy

I have a job because of the University's students and so it's a good way of giving back.

Ms Tanille Elley

School Executive OfficerMs Tanille Elley
School of Education,
Faculty of Education and Arts

Donates to the Glen Avery Memorial
Shaping Futures Scholarship Fund

I give to honour Glen's memory. There's been trivia nights, raffles etc. It's a great sense of community to honour someone and do good while doing it. Any group of staff can do it if they see an area of need or a meaningful cause. It was made so easy for us to give to the scholarship. We knew how much Glen was into the arts so it seemed fitting. We give what we can. You don't even miss it.

Professor Geoff EvansProfessor Geoff Evans

School of Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
Donates to the Shaping Futures
Scholarship Fund

I received information in the mail about the University's Annual Appeal and was delighted to receive it and see that the University has taken on such an initiative. I thought this is just fantastic; this really is a meaningful thing. The whole concept of the University doing something for the disadvantaged students is brilliant. As a staff member I am passionate about this worthwhile cause.

Ms Libbie FordenMrs Libbie Best

Web Content Specialist
Marketing and Communications,
Vice-Chancellor’s Division

Donates to the Shaping Futures
Scholarship Fund

A scholarship can make to real difference to a student’s life. It can set them on a path to success, not just in their career but in the other aspects of their life. They know that someone saw something in them, and that in itself is worth so much more than just the dollar value of a scholarship. I want to enable students with potential but who may have barriers. The staff giving program was really easy to get into. It took me two minutes to fill out the form and the rest is taken care of.

Professor John Germov

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Arts)
Faculty of Education and Arts (Sociology and Anthropology)

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

I have seen first-hand from many students how a financial gift to a scholarship - no matter how small or large - really can change lives.

Associate Professor Suzanne RyanAssociate Professor Suzanne Ryan

Newcastle Business School
Faculty of Business and Law
Donates to the R A Ryan Memorial Prize
for Organisational Behaviour

I set up this prize in honour of my mother Rachel Ann Ryan. I've also always had a very strong feeling that the University of Newcastle has given me a life and a career and I should give back to it. The best way to give back is through our students.