Great China Walk Champions

Here are our passionate 'champions' who volunteered to take part in the UON Great China Walk. The group trekked 50 kiloemetres along the Great Wall of China in September raising funds for Shaping Futures Scholarships that support disadvantaged students.

Richard Dunford

Professor Richard Dunford, Team Leader

"Our 50th anniversary was a time of celebration for the University of Newcastle. I was so proud to lead the team on this exciting adventure - which is a first for an Australian university."

Annie Nichols

Annie Nichols, Student

"I wanted to make a difference to other students just like myself. In my first year of university I was awarded a Shaping Futures Scholarship (2012). Without this scholarship, following my goals of completing a university degree would have been extremely difficult."

Lillian Eastwood

Lillian Eastwood, Alumnus and staff member

"I would encourage all alumni to get involved and support disadvantaged students. It was a special time and a very special adventure. And it's such a wonderful cause!"

Jo Thompson

Josephine Thompson, Student

"I decided to join on this journey and help fundraise to assist disadvantaged students at the University of Newcastle. We are exposed to such a tremendous amount of opportunities and I wanted to help others reach that same goal."

Judy Adnum

Judy Adnum, Alumnus and staff member

"I joined the UON Great China Walk to help raise funds to help prospective students who may never be able to afford a university education."

Scott Hayter

Scott Hayter, Alumnus

"Having been a student from a rural area and facing my own challenges, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to get through university. I wanted to take this opportunity to give back to the university that gave me the great gift of knowledge."

Champion- Gail White

Gail White, Alumnus and staff member

"As a graduate along with many members of my family, and as a long standing member of staff, I'm proud of my connection to UON. I'm grateful for the opportunities that my education and work have afforded, I've spent more of my life here than not. As a student I had the support of a scholarship and free education so I wanted to give back to support students of the future."

Julie Broadbent

Julie Broadbent, Alumnus

"My family have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity of a university education. All three of my children have studied with UON and I too am a graduate. I believe in the power of education and decided that walking 50km on the Great Wall of China to raise funds for disadvantaged students was the perfect way for me to recognise the power of education."

Rebecca Hazell

Rebecca Hazell, Staff member

"Fundraising and helping others are two of my life's passions. I really believe that I would not be where I am in life without UON - the University that gave me a chance."

Chris Peterson

Chris Petersen, Alumnus

"I have enjoyed a good standard of living throughout my adult years as a direct result of my qualifications received from the University of Newcastle. I think it's appropriate that I raise funds to enable others to make the effort to obtain similar qualifications."

Aaron Darc

Aaron Darc, Alumnus and staff member

"I'm really upset by the idea that anyone in this country with talent and ambition would be restricted from reaching their potential simply because they don't have the finances to support them through university. And yet, we know this does happen. The Shaping Futures Scholarship Fund means this happens to less."

Rhys Palmer

Rhys Palmer, Alumnus and staff member

"As the Director of the Confucius Institute at UON my role is about promoting China-Australia relations. This initiative was about raising awareness of Chinese arts and culture as well as strengthening our partnership with this wonderful country. And at the same time we managed to raise some funds for a very worthwhile cause - disadvantaged students studying at UON."

Linda Cooper

Linda Cooper, Alumnus and staff member

"I participated in the UON Great China Walk because I wanted to contribute to increasing access to tertiary education in this beautiful Central Coast region in which I live and work."

Suzanne Ryan

Professor Suzanne Ryan, Alumnus and staff member

"I participated in the UON Great China Walk challenge in order to raise funds for scholarships for both Australian and International students in need."

David Young

David Veitch Young, Supporter

"By supporting those who have had less opportunities than many of us, the means of attending university, who knows what incredible results and personal fulfillment attending the university may result in!"

Tanya Carlyle

Tanya Carlyle, Staff member

"I'm passionate about helping our students who are most in need. How these students strive to overcome their hardships is inspiring. As a staff member I get to see first-hand how education can transform a student's life."