Endangered frogs given a chance

Michelle Stockwell with a Golden Bell frog

Not a day goes by when there isn't an important research breakthrough somewhere around the globe. Researchers at the University of Newcastle are also working on unearthing amazing discoveries and developing new innovations.   

Importantly, our research returns significant dividends to the local region and the world. Everything the university works for comes full circle and delivers back to our community.

For conservation biologist Michelle Stockwell it was like a fairytale when a princely scholarship brought her dream of saving frogs from global extinction, one step closer.

The Barker Family PhD Scholarship allowed Michelle to continue her research into why the green and golden bell frog population was being decimated by a fungus.

"Being awarded this scholarship meant I could help pay for my fieldwork, which is expensive and needs to be done constantly.

The PhD Scholarship was established with a donation from the Barker family.

"It was a wonderful feeling to know that what you are doing is important to people like the Barkers who are themselves so strongly committed to helping the local environment," Stockwell said.

Donations to the University of Newcastle have funded research into the cause and treatment of diabetes, discovering new medications for depression and helping to fight one of Australia's biggest public health issues, obesity, just to name a few.