Godfrey's legend lives on

Godfrey Tanner

"Universities have carried the lifeblood of our culture for centuries and it is vital that all people have access to a university education, regardless of their circumstances. I am terribly conscious of the great need to assist young people at this time," said the late Emeritus Professor Godfrey Tanner at the launch of his scholarship fund in 1999.

The fund, today known as the Godfrey Tanner Memorial Scholarship Fund, makes university education possible for financially disadvantaged students.

Emeritus Professor Tanner (or just Godfrey as he was affectionately known) was a distinguished Classics scholar who had devoted the greater part of his life to the University of Newcastle and its students.

Melbourne and Cambridge educated and with a formidable intellect, Godfrey threw himself into the life of the University from the day he took up his appointment. The sight of him on his bicycle dashing about the Callaghan campus with his academic gown flapping in the wind was a common one. Godfrey's lectures were renowned for their erudition and wit – so much so that many non-Classics students attended them just for pleasure! Godfrey's wonderful sense of humour, willingness to mix and socialise with students,absolute commitment to education and unique approach to life, all helped earn him the title of 'living treasure'.

Although he passed away in 2002, his life's commitment to education continues to live through the scholarship fund and the difference it is making to the lives of students.

The Godfrey Tanner Memorial Scholarship Fund is an endowment fund which is open to contributions from the community. The hope is that there will be enough regular contributions to ensure that the fund will sustain the scholarship in perpetuity.

To make a donation to the Godfrey Tanner Memorial Scholarship Fund please contact the University Foundation on +61 2 4921 7453.