Give a unique gift

In-kind donations

A gift to the University doesn't need to be financial to make a difference.

A gift-in-kind is a non-monetary contribution usually in the form of a cultural gift such as books, art works and equipment. Support the cultural life of the University by donating a gift-in-kind.

I wanted to ensure that future generations are given the opportunity to share my passion for botany. That's why I gave my herbarium of 12,000 plants to the University of Newcastle.

Don McNair, donor.

You can give a unique gift

The University of Newcastle will gratefully receive a range of non-monetary gifts. Gifts can enhance an academic department or an existing collection.

Gifts-in-kind make a difference as they greatly enhance the cultural experience of our students, staff and visitors.

In-kind donations can be a tax efficient way of giving, however certain gifts may be subject to different Australian Tax Office tax rulings, and each gift is accepted and considered with this in mind.

For further information about in-kind donations, please contact the University of Newcastle Foundation and Development Office.