Jackson's story

Jackson's story

Like most of us, Jackson never really appreciated the privilege of a healthy, functioning body until it was suddenly stolen from him.

At only 14 he contracted a rare eye virus, which caused him to have a stroke, paralysing half his body and leaving his retinas scarred, his eyesight permanently damaged beyond the ability of glasses to have any real impact.

His visual impairment means Jackson requires additional time to complete exams, and struggles with headaches due to eyestrain caused by reading textbooks and lecture notes.

“My rehabilitation process after the stroke was long and intense. I had to re-learn how to walk, how to speak, and how to do all the things that a 14-year-old boy takes for granted,” Jackson.

But with generosity comes hope.

Rather than allowing these physical challenges to define him Jackson was inspired by the dedication and sincerity of his caregivers to ensure that he too, could give back through the care of others.

“Going into physiotherapy is a way to channel my passion for helping others who are facing a challenging healing process, by providing the same level of heartfelt care that I was given throughout my recovery.

This scholarship made it possible for me to wholeheartedly chase my dreams. It allowed me to buy a laptop that assists me with the ongoing issues I face with my eyesight, making it so much easier to read and study for long periods of time. I honestly can’t say thank you enough,” Jackson.

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