A message from the Vice-Chancellor Professor Caroline McMillen

Caroline McMillen

Equity of access is part of our DNA here at the University of Newcastle.

I am constantly inspired by the drive of our students to succeed. They are a testament to the transformative power of education. But some of our students are struggling more than others. They face more challenges than most. If we don't help these students they may drop out - this means their dreams go unfulfilled and their potential undiscovered.

We established the Shaping Futures Endowment Fund in 2011 to help these students who are determined to follow their dreams against all odds. But every year the number of applications is increasing.

It is my personal commitment to keep our doors open to people from all walks of life with ability and determination to enter and succeed in higher education, especially for those who are facing a myriad of challenges.

Growing the Shaping Futures Endowment Fund is a strategic priority for our University. We want to ensure that the fund is large enough to allow for a sustainable approach well into the future - guaranteeing support those most in need of our help.

However, I need your help. Almost 27 per cent of our students are from a low socio-economic background, significantly higher than the national average of 16 per cent. That's more than 9,000 students of our students!

Access to education can not only change the lives of students but also their families and the communities that benefit from their achievements. Giving to a scholarship is so much more than financial support - it also gives encouragement, profoundly impacting a student's life.

All of the Shaping Futures Scholarship recipients have something in common – they have taken a step towards transforming their lives through higher education. They just needed that little extra support to reach their full potential. 

If you are a past student, a current or former staff member, a donor or a supporter of the University of Newcastle I would encourage you to give to this very worthy cause. You can directly help a student achieve their goals and dreams.

On behalf of the University of Newcastle, thank you for your support.