About the Shaping Futures Fund

The Shaping Futures Endowment Fund was established in 2011 with the aim of helping those students who are most in need.

These scholarships are funded entirely by generous donations from alumni, donors, businesses and the community.

Anyone can contribute to the fund. Any amount is gratefully received – no matter how big or small. The more money raised, the more scholarships can be awarded and the more students will be helped. 100 per cent of donations go directly to the Shaping Futures Fund.

To be eligible for a Shaping Futures Scholarship students need to be academically capable but also facing hardship from factors such as being from a low socio-economic background, coming from a rural or remote area, living with a disability, or have carer or parenting responsibilities - or a combination of these challenges.

Students must also be enrolled in any year of any undergraduate degree program. Both international and domestic students are eligible for this scholarship.

We want students to be able to shape their future and change their lives forever through obtaining an education!