Elders in Residence Program

Our Nguraki (Awabakal word meaning Elder, Wise Person, Cultural Mentor) are responsible for guiding the teaching of LORE passed down through the Dreaming AND play a pivotal role in the governance structures and leadership within Indigenous education at the University. They know that our culture is at the heart of our governance systems.  Their wisdom and teachings are essential to the cultural fabric of our 'ways of doing'.  Their guidance is sought by our staff, students and community.

The role and the contributions of Elders, Cultural Mentors and knowledge keepers are honoured and respected.

Nguraki appointments span across various Aboriginal nations bringing numerous cultural and spiritual customs and beliefs adding to the vibrancy of cultures open to staff and students –

  • Aunty Bronwyn Chambers (Darkinung)
  • Aunty Colleen Perry (Worimi)
  • Uncle Ronnie Gordon (Barkindji)
  • Aunty Lorraine Lilley (Worimi)
  • Uncle Neville Lilley (Worimi)
  • Aunty Sandra Griffin (Awabakal)
  • Aunty June Rose (Awabakal)

Elders and Cultural Mentors continually reinforce the significance and teachings of our cultures in order to celebrate within the context of the working environment

Aboriginal Elders and Cultural Mentors have wisdom and are knowledge holders of certain aspects of our culture. It was and still is a responsibility of the Elder and Cultural Mentor to share this knowledge with our students, staff and the broader community.

Nguraki advise and engage with protocols and related policies, such as 'Acknowledgement to Country' which have been adopted across the University campuses. They are also sought to provide guest lectures and attend important ceremonial obligations within the University community.