2013 John Turner Memorial Lecture

The 2013 John Turner Memorial Lecture was presented by Emeritus Professor Michael Rosenthal on Thursday 9 May at the Newcastle City Hall. Professor Rosenthal lecture featured on Colonel Paterson's Scrapbook and he described his lecture as follows.

When, in 1809, he knew he would be returning to Britain, colonial hand Colonel William Paterson took great care to commission watercolours from John Lewin and George Robert Evans, arguably the leading artists in the colony.

This comparatively ambitious project involved importing both drawing paper and watercolour paints into New South Wales, and the resulting work offers an intriguing snapshot of how what was meant as a penal colony, a place of punitive retribution, could be perceived as something very different.

The lecture will also investigate the role of scrapbooks more generally, and how the watercolours commissioned by Paterson for his own have a significant biographical significance.

Other past presenters of the lecture include authors Greg and Sylvia Ray, historian Professor Henry Reynolds and Dr Bob Brown (Eddy).