Creative degrees

Bachelor of CommunicationBachelor of Communication

If the idea of writing for media, working in television production, producing a radio program or working as a public relations consultant inspires you, then look no further than the Bachelor of Communication.

Bachelor of Visual Communication DesignBachelor of Visual Communication Design

When you study visual communication design at the University of Newcastle, you engage with international expert designers and educators whose range of expertise cover recognisable specialist areas such as graphic design, advertising, animation, illustration and web design.

Computer science is a fast-moving industry at the forefront of new technology. As a computer scientist, you will thrive on discovering ground-breaking techniques for developing and implementing software solutions for some of life's most challenging technological issues.

Industrial design is a creative profession that turns bright ideas into reality - virtually every manufactured object in the world is the result of the work of an industrial designer.

Studying fine art at Newcastle will help you find your niche and flourish as an artist.  Learn to express your ideas using painting, drawing, fibres, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and photomedia, or combinations of all these.  Experiment with new processes, techniques and materials

Master of Digital MediaMaster of Digital Media

The Master of Digital Media has been designed to develop the digital media skills and knowledge of professionals in almost any field, providing a stepping stone to a new career or to enhance your current one.

Graduate Certificate in Digital MediaGraduate Certificate in Digital Media

The Graduate Certificate in Digital Media will provide you with practical expertise using the most current software tools to enhance your learning experience.

Master of Information Technology (MIT)Master of Information Technology (MIT)

With abundant employment opportunities in the field of information technology and the growing integration of IT with other disciplines, the Master of Information Technology at the University of Newcastle offers exciting and diverse career opportunities and challenges.

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