Consciousness Public Lecture

In this public lecture, we heard from Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE, a leading neuroscientist, broadcaster, writer and member of the UK House of Lords.

In ‘Consciousness: A Scientific Perspective’, the Baroness took examples from daily life, such as waking up, walking the dog, dreaming and experiencing pain, to explore how objective brain mechanisms transform into the miracle that is consciousness.

About the speaker:

Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE, is a British scientist, writer, broadcaster and member of the House of Lords. Specialising in the physiology of the brain, Susan researches the impact of 21st century technologies on the mind, how the brain generates consciousness and novel approaches to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Susan has written a range of non-specialist books on issues relating to the mind and brain for the general reader. She appears regularly on radio and television and frequently gives talks to the public and private sector.

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