Below are several online resources supported by CEEHE that can be accessed by anyone at any time.

HOPE Book The cover of the HOPE eBook

Written by Matt Lumb, illustrated by Kiara Mucci and edited by Evonne Irwin from English Language and Foundation Studies, HOPE is the story of two siblings exploring their strengths and potential while navigating difficult circumstances.

View the HOPE eBook or visit the website.

My Big TomorrowMy Big Tomorrow logo

My Big Tomorrow aims to inspire young people to think more broadly about their future careers. It is also designed to give them the understanding of the skills they will need in order to succeed in their chosen career.

Designed for Year 9 and 10 students, the My Big Tomorrow website features 93 careers with accompanying films, information and educational tasks that have been developed in line with the Stage 5 syllabus. Students have the chance to explore the site across multiple devices in their own time or the site can be used to assist classroom teaching or career advisor sessions.


Student accessing the HSC Coach resourceThe HSC Coach support tool provides students with digital access to high-quality annually updated, course-specific HSC expertise.

In addition to the online resource, versions of the content are provided on CD so that students who may not have internet access at home can still benefit. Access to the site is free, visit to set up an account, and take advantage of the resources available.