Previous participant experiences


"What I liked best about the summer school were the people who had the same interests as me and it was easy to become friends."

"The best thing about summer school was the experience of living on campus with 9 other girls. It was so much fun."

"I loved making new friends and being introduced to new things e.g. careers and information I didn't know existed before. I liked that although we were learning we were still having fun"



"All of the activities were well thought of/about and extremely interesting as I enjoyed all of them."

"I loved the summer school, I personally enjoyed the industry visit, science and engineering challenge, dance, swimming and especially the engineering talks and activities. The people who came to speak to us were really inspirational and interesting."

"The best part was meeting new people because normally I'm really shy. i loved the disco it was the best I've ever been to. I really like the swimming and fashion parade. It was just a great experience and I loved every minute of it!"

"Summer school was overall an awesome experience, I loved meeting new people and expanding my knowledge in careers and uni experiences."

"The summer school offered a unique experience and  the lecturers and staff treated us like young adults making important decisions instead of like kids. "

This summer school program was great, I learned a lot about Maths science and IT."



"I have had the best fun and this week has been extremely knowledgeable and interesting time. I have learned so much and am glad that I now have an insight into future careers I would not have considered. My time here has been amazing."

"I loved the uni speak, career fair and going to uni talks. I loved getting brochures on different careers I'm considering."

"We learned about different careers for women - mechanical engineering!"

"I had a great time and I have found some new options for occupations."

"Summer school was fantastic and really opened my eyes to what Uni is like. Now I'll know I really want to go to one and pursue a career in science."

"It has widened my understanding of the choices of my future and about the power of women."

"This has helped me choose a career path which I now am wishing to take."

"I found it really interesting and it opened my eyes to careers I haven't heard of in my town."

"I have totally changed my mind and decided to be a science communicator instead of a fashion designer."

"It has increased my interest in these areas and made me think about a career in science, maths and engineering."

"I loved that I learned a lot more about really good different jobs. I enjoyed the experiments, and a couple of the talks really affected me, in the way that maybe I will study them and get a job in that subject."