The Girls' Choices Summer School targets female students in year 9 who live in NSW from Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) defined Student Equity Target Groups. These are Indigenous and non-Indigenous students:

  • with disabilities
  • from low socio-economic backgrounds
  • from remote and regional areas
  • from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • who are experiencing exceptional circumstances

120 year 9 girls will be chosen to attend the Girls' Choices Summer School.

Applicants experiencing exceptional circumstances will also be considered. Contact the Girls' Choices Summer School Coordination Team on 4921 6547 or email girlschoices@newcastle.edu.au to discuss her application.

Yes, she should. One of the Girls' Choices Summer School's objectives is to motivate students who have the potential (this may be currently unrealised) to study maths and science in years 11 and 12. Talk to her Welfare Teacher, Year 9 Adviser, Career Adviser or Aboriginal Education Officer and ask them to support her application.

The program covers all accommodation, meals (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, dinner and supper) and excursions. There are a number of vending machines from which students can purchase drinks, chips and snacks etc. Transport costs to and from the Girls' Choices Summer School are the responsibility of parents/guardians and or schools.

In the past, students have organised small fundraising events like raffles or trivia nights to help cover the costs of attendance. If you think you need assistance, you or the supporting teacher may contact the Girls' Choices Summer School Coordination Team to discuss your situation and possible options including the cost being waived upon written application.

Participants will be staying in the campus colleges. Each accommodation unit has ten separate bedrooms with two shared bathrooms and a common lounge and kitchen area. There will be one house parent (female staff member) sharing the unit with nine girls.

Students will be supervised 24 hours a day, with a ratio of ten students to one staff member in the day, and nine students to one staff member in the evening. All staff are employed by the University and undergo the Working with Children Background Check and a Staff Induction Training Program. All Activity Supervisors are required to complete the Prohibited Employment Declaration Form. In addition, The University of Newcastle has its own 24 hour Security Service.

Where indicated, reasonable steps are taken to enable a student with a disability to participate on the same basis as a student without a disability. Any information which is provided is treated confidentially. All venues used during Girls' Choices Summer School are wheelchair accessible. We also provide wheelchair accessible accommodation. When participating in field trips suitable transport is arranged for the student. The staff to student ratio is increased for students requiring additional support. Please advise the Girls' Choices Summer School Coordination Team should your child/ward require additional support.

Yes, provided any dietary requirements are advised before the commencement of the Girls' Choices Summer School. This should also include information about braces or physical conditions that may impact of the kinds of food the students can eat.

Yes, as long as they are able to manage the medication themselves. If the student is accepted into Girls' Choices Summer School, they will need to provide a list of all medications required as well as a detailed description of their medical condition. This information is sent to The University Health Service (a medical General Practice) and will be made available to any other medical practioner as required, for example if a student requires medical attention from NSW Ambulance or a hospital emergency department.

Students are welcome to bring their mobile phone or portable electronics or gaming devices (e.g iPod's). However, they will not be allowed to use these devices during workshop sessions and day and evening activities. Any students caught using their phones/devices during the activities will be given warnings, with the third warning resulting in immediate removal from the Girls' Choices Summer School. The Girls' Choices Summer School Coordination team accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of such items.  Should families need to contact students in the case of an emergency, the Girls' Choices Summer School Coordinators are contactable 24hrs a day.

The Girls' Choices Summer School operates a shuttle bus from public transport hubs to the University. Successful applicants will be asked to complete travel plans detailing their travel arrangements to and from Newcastle. Students will be met and transported to the University in the University Shuttle bus. This service will also operate for departures at the end of the program.

Warabrook railway station is the designated stop for students travelling from Scone and Maitland. Broadmeadow station is the designated train station for student travelling on Country Link or rail services from the Central Coast. It is approximately 15 minutes drive from the University. For students travelling by bus, the bus terminal is located in adjacent to Newcastle railway station. Williamtown Airport is approx. 25 mins away from the campus. Students will be collected from the transport hubs and driven to the University.

In the event of an emergency, security personnel are called and they decide whether or not additional assistance is required. The closest hospital is five minutes from the University, and an Emergency Paediatric Unit is 15 minutes away. The emergency contact (to be provided if application accepted) will be notified and advised of the situation immediately.

No. All participants are required to stay for the entire duration of the Girls' Choices Summer School once commenced.