About us

Watt Space was established in 1989 as an innovative gallery space for students to exhibit works and develop their professional practices. A bright idea hatched by three students, the first gallery site was funded through the Student Union and was located in Watt Street, Newcastle. It was at this single-room shopfront that the symbolic light globe motif became a fitting trademark for a 'space for ideas'.

Over several transformations Watt Space has grown to a beautiful series of gallery spaces fitted with industry-standard hanging systems, lights and the facility to exhibit all media and host diverse events. Our students and the community remain the vibrant heart of Watt Space, which, now in its third home, is an icon of the cultural landscape of Newcastle.

The incubator for some of Australia's best-known artists, Watt Space has also provided mentorship and support for arts administrators, critics and arts writers. As the longest running student gallery in Australia, it remains a flexible teaching and exhibition space and continues to meet the challenges and needs of new education, new research, new media, new students and new ideas.

Above image: Kelly Malone, Reign of Contexti: a room of one’s own works on paper, exhibition installation 2018.

2018 Co-directors

Harrison Cromarty - Bachelor of Visual Communications
looks forward to involving himself with Newcastle’s creative community and growing his professional and interpersonal skills. As a designer this role will help him explore areas such as curation and installation of exhibitions and he will be using his skills in a real world environment.

Grace Limond – Bachelor of Fine Art Secondary Teaching
is keen to best utilise media platforms to further connect and engage with exhibiting artists, students and our communities. As a future educator, Grace is keen to work with aspiring artists and the local community to use Watt Space as an invaluable educational resource.

Amelia Rolfe – Bachelor of Psychology
Passionate about the arts, Amelia is anticipating an exciting and vibrant year at Watt Space. She aims to bring elements of her degree and work in collaboration with those studying in Creative Industries and Fine Arts to increase appreciation of the relevance of our diverse cultural landscape.

2019 Student Interns

Four paid intern positions will be available in 2019. Applications will open in Semester 1.