Ruth Liou


PhD Exhibition Dates: Wednesday 27 August to Saturday 6 September 2014
Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 27 August at 12pm, followed by a Conversations In Art with academic and artist Annemarie Murland, who will discuss migration and diaspora.

Ruth Liou

Ruth Liou door hinge (detail)

Ruth Liou's PhD (Fine Art) research has focussed on the construction of identity and the sense of belonging from the perspective of a displaced person. Identifying the 'becoming' self in an ambivalent space, Liou explores how relocation affects the migrant's sense of belongingness in a new country.

Migrants straddle boundaries of here and there, past and present, constantly 'negotiating', a new self and new life in the peripheral of the dominant site – a site of 'neither here nor there' – residing in the 'between-ness'.

My research perspective is drawn from a personal migration experience; universally understood as a transnational condition of this postmodern world. The research project explores and conceptualises a personal justification on hybrid/cultural identity, the configuration and metaphysical belongingness in a liminal space - the psychological space (a site) of 'neither here nor there' is realised through sculptural installation.

Hybrid positions sit in the fissure of liminality, for those transnationals who are placed between two or more divided geographies, socio-graphics and cultural identities in this 'in-between-ness'.

- Ruth Liou 2014

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