Nora Moelle (PhD)

Breaking Symmetry: the structure and dynamics of form in ceramics

PhD Exhibition: 21 January to February 2015
Opening: Saturday 24 January at 2pm

Nora Moelle Nora Moelle Computer designed vessel, wheelthrown, manipulated and reassembled, 2013-2014,
Southern Ice porcelain, size variable. Image courtesy the artist.

In the vessel form, the practice of ceramics is inextricably tied to concepts of symmetry, which is crucial in terms of structure and dynamics. Inspired by an archaeological find of Stone Age pottery near my hometown of Trento, Italy, I was motivated to explore ways to 'break' symmetry and thus create new ceramic vessel forms.

My PhD research has reviewed how perceptions of symmetry—historically synonymous with beauty, harmony, rhythm and balance—have shifted over time towards revolutionary changes in aesthetic perception. The Antique meaning of harmony of proportion as well as the modern conceptualisation of symmetry, inclusive of elements of non-Euclidean geometry, have informed my investigations and my own ceramic work.

- Nora Moelle, 2014