Multiple Worlds in a Preschool

Children's place-making
in a globalising world

Exhibition in the Senta Taft-Hendry Museum: 21 to 25 October 2014
Underneath the University Gallery

Multiple WorldsLucas Fraser photographed by Trudy Burns

As children go about their daily tasks, their lives are led through, around, from and to spaces that connect them with places and cultures elsewhere. Due to the intensified movement of people, ideas, objects and the availability of technologies and popular media in their lives, the local and global intermesh and children acquire a global sense of place.

The preschool thus becomes a place where children's paths in the world are knotted together with horizons that spread to the global.

This exhibition is about children's place making, about the knots within their own worlds and multiple stories of the global.

A Collaboration between:
The Children of Kurri Kurri Community Preschool
Dr Zsuzsa Millei (Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle)
Jannelle Gallagher (Director Kurri Preschool)
Sandii Walker (Artist)
Tim Buchanan (Artist)